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Living in American Freedom

Defend-American-Freedom-263s50kIf you are fortunate to live in the United States of America in 2019, you live in the most prosperous, most free and most dynamic society ever known to mankind.
Certainly there are and will always be things that aren’t satisfactory, that need to be fixed or will adapt over the generations. This reality doesn’t change the fact of unprecedented exceptionalism demonstrated by the U.S.A. It should also be noted that our People have consistently taken the high road and made difficult societal choices with an eye toward enhancing and improving American Freedom and solving ills that, in the past, made us less than we can be.
America is a beautiful country, filled with wonderful people. There are also too many we might not consider to be so wonderful. The simplest illustration of the exceptional nature of our American Society and Culture is that millions of people annually seek to come to the U.S. permanently.
When people trash the country, harp upon what they see as problems and project negativism on the American Experiment, we should push back, every time. (#PushBack) You don’t need to adopt the fantasies produced by ideologies antithetical to America as it was founded and intended to be.
America is the best country on earth. More opportunity, more freedom regardless of “identity”, more security and more opportunity to be heard and make a tangible positive difference in your community, State and Nation.

Join us in supporting, defending and restoring, as necessary, #AmericanFreedom!