Look around today, February 3rd 2020

Today’s Fascination:
Ship wreck murder mystery
“A shipwreck linked to a mutiny and murder mystery has emerged from the sands of a North Carolina beach.
Mimi Farrell posted images of the ghostly wreck on the beach at Surf City on Facebook on Jan. 28. “

News Bits:

Ancient Shark’s Head Found
“Scientists excavating a cave in Kentucky were stunned to find the fossilized head of a huge shark — one thought to be up to 340 million years old, according to a report.”


Airborne Drone Carriers
“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been conducting research into a number of types of swarming drones that could be used on the battlefield.”

The cost of impeachment
“The impeachment inquiry and trial has cost significantly less than President Bill Clinton’s in 1994”



Exceptional Americans Exceptional Things:
Clarence Thomas
From the roots in the Gullah culture of coastal Georgia to the United States Supreme Court, an example of the achievement fostered by American Freedom.




Today’s Featured Video:
A Brief History of Slavery