Look around today, February 6th 2020

Today’s Fascination:
Anti-Solar Panel
“Researchers from the University of California, Davis have built what they call an ’anti-solar panel’. While traditional solar panels work by capturing sunlight and converting it into energy, this anti-solar panel captures energy traveling from the Earth out into space.”

News Bits:
Umami and Taste Chemistry
“…scientists around the world now acknowledge that umami is real, and just as much a basic taste as the others.”



Secret Bunkers Archeology
“We discovered huge Nazi bunkers that haven’t seen the light of day in 75 years,”



Progress on beating Cancer
“The Pan-Cancer Project brought together over 1,300 researchers globally to tackle the mammoth task of sequencing the genomes of 38 types of cancer in nearly 2,800 patients.”


Exceptional Americans Exceptional Things:
Kirk Douglas
An inspriational American success story. Son of (legal) immigrants; “After stints in the U.S. Navy and on Broadway, actor Kirk Douglas broke into the movies with The Strange Love of Martha Ivers.”
Becoming an icon of American acting.




Today’s Featured Video:
Guy Benson – “Identity” doesn’t matter
“Guy Benson is a free market advocate and a small government conservative. Oh, and he’s [homosexual]. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Watch the video to see why.”