Look around today, February 17th 2020

Today’s Fascination:
Planet Formation
“Nothing you encounter is truly “pristine.” Nearly every atom on our planet has been processed in some way, either by humans, the Sun, Earth’s core, or other influences. But on New Year’s Day 2019, the New Horizons mission flew past one of the most pristine objects in the solar system: Arrokoth, an object far beyond Pluto that has remained largely undisturbed since it first formed billions of years ago.”

News Bits:

Media Makes Outbreaks Worse
“A research says that spread of fake news and misinformation could worsen the spread of infectious diseases like coronavirus. ’Misinformation means that bad advice can circulate very quickly – and it can change human behavior to take greater risks,’said Paul Hunter of East Anglia University who led the study.”

Talkin’ ’bout a heat wave
“As per the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, January 2020 was Earth’s hottest January on record. NOAA’s data stretches back 141 years. The agency also noted that this was not exactly an anomaly given the 10 warmest Januaries on record have all happened since 2002.”

3rd Grade Science?
Dan Crenshaw; “Maybe because it’s not a plan. Or a good deal. Or even ‘Green.’ It’s a 3rd grade science project that isn’t based in science or engineering. Care about reducing emissions?”



Exceptional Americans, Exceptional Things:
Robert Smalls
An enslaved man who accomplished his own emancipation and realized as much of the #AmericanDreams as possible in those times.
“Robert Smalls (April 5, 1839 – February 23, 1915) was an American businessman, publisher, and politician. Born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina, he freed himself, his crew, and their families during the American Civil War by commandeering a Confederate transport ship,”

Today’s Featured Video:
Free Speech