Look around today, February 21st 2020

Today’s Fascination:
Tripping Vikings
“Karsten Fatur from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, challenges traditional assumptions that the trance was induced by self-provoked hysteria, epilepsy, mental illness, large quantities of alcohol or—as most widely believed—a species of toadstool with hallucinogenic properties.”

News Bits:
Health Realities
“be healthy, people are led to believe, they must consume a Spartan diet, drink health elixirs that look like witches’ potions, and exercise with the intensity of an Olympic athlete.”


The Justice Hunters

“Christopher Scott and Steven Phillips, two men who were wrongly imprisoned, don’t spend their days railing against the justice system. They are helping others who may have been falsely convicted.”


Exceptional Americans, Exceptional Things:
Alice Freeman Palmer
A story of American Achievement
“In 1855, Alice Freeman Palmer was born in Broome County, New York to a devoutly religious family of Scottish descent. The oldest of four children, young Freeman Palmer was exceptionally gifted; she taught herself to read and write at age three. This proved to be a portent of her future successes as president of Wellesley College from 1881 to 1887.”


Today’s Featured Video:
The World’s Oldest Race