Look around today, February 22nd 2020

Today’s Fascination:
Almost no people
…”once in our history, the world-wide population of human beings skidded so sharply we were down to roughly a thousand reproductive adults. One study says we hit as low as 40. Forty? Come on, that can’t be right. Well, the technical term is 40 “breeding pairs” (children not included). More likely there was a drastic dip and then 5,000 to 10,000 bedraggled Homo sapiens”.

News Bits:

First Private Launch of Humans to Space
“The mission will see a pair of NASA astronauts — Dough Hurley and Bob Behnken — travel from Earth to the International Space Station. Being able to send US astronauts to the space station without relying on seats aboard Russian rockets has been a major goal for NASA, and it hired both Boeing and SpaceX to come up with crewed spacecraft capable of filling that need.”

Venomous Cure
” A team of scientists at the University of Northern Colorado believe venom from venomous snakes could carry the cure to cancer. Dr. Stephen Mackessy, professor at UNC’s School of Biology, says studies show venoms in different snakes can attack human cancer cells in unique ways.”

Hybrid Fuel Cell Tech
“Milton runs Nikola Motors, an Arizona-based startup that’s developing several electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells, including semi-tucks and side-by-side UTVs. The Badger is the company’s recently revealed full-size pickup truck that’s positioned to compete with the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV.”

Exceptional Americans, Exceptional Things:
Peter Stuyvesant – American Colonist Governor
“also known as Petrus Stuyvesant, is an important figure in the history of New York City [earlier New Amsterdam], New York State and New Netherland. His name is still commonly used, especially in New York State, for street names, school names, building names, etc.”


Today’s Featured Video:
America’s Dutch History