About AFN

This site is intended to explore, discover, study and discuss the things that make America a wonderful country.  Recognizing that we have flaws yet also that Americans have inevitably and consistently sacrificed their lives, blood, treasure and hearts to continually improve those things that need solutions.

You too can be part of the exploration and celebration.

We want to be clear about several things.

We believe in unity of/for the American People.  That doesn’t mean agreement.  We believe the primary “Identity” of those who live here and the citizenry should be AMERICAN.  We have no wish to disparage or discount people’s pride in their heritage.

Things that don’t matter, in this context, to us:

  • What your shade of skin is
  • What faith, belief system, or none that you hold
  • Your ethnic origin
  • Your behaviors that don’t impinge of the freedom of others
  • Your level of education
  • Any “identity” you claim.
  • Your political affiliation, philosophy or none that you hold

We are working to create a multi-platform media network operated and run by and for regular Americans.  “Regular” isn’t an insult it is us.  We aren’t interested in trolling, people who spam, cast gratuitous insults or who’s pleasure is disrupting the well intentioned contributions of our members and/or audience.  We segregate, by plan, more political/socially intense platforms.  No one ever died from too much knowledge and discussion.

We invite you to join us as:

  • Participants
  • Contributors
  • Creators
  • Experts
  • Amateurs

All Americans are our intended audiences