Social Media Censorship Reports

We will report every suspension, deletion or throttling by #SocialMedia Platforms here.  We would LOVE to publish YOUR reports as well..  Contact us via Facebook (for now) or here!  You can also contact us with your stories via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Entry #2

See what the #ZuckerBorgCollective hates and suppresses this quarter LOL!


Entry #1

So, on the #ZuckerBorgCollective **REPORTING** on the #HateSpeech of **OTHERS** in the media constitutes hate speech in and of itself. Is it because of criticizing #LibProg #CorruptMedia? Is a retarded and malfunctioning #ZuckerBot? You be the judge. You’ll be able to see the “violation” reported to us in the screen capture below. I have requested a review from the Cupertino #Snowflakes but I bet you all can guess how THAT will turn out LOL!!!


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